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Management Accelerator Program

An acceleration program that helps entrepreneurs transition their venture from the start-up phase to a fully-fledged, established business.

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How can the Management Accelerator Program help your company?


The program will be delivered through a cohort-based program with intensive bootcamp training sessions, one-on-one dedicated business counselling, and cohort group mentorship.

Key topics include:

  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Employee Retention
  • Employment Standards
  • Human Resource Policy & Procedures
  • KPIs and Goal Setting
  • Core Values
  • How to Strategize
  • Funding

    Management Accelerator Program participants are eligible to access up to $25,000 in funding to support business growth-related expenses. Funding is provided via the Impact Atlantic Fund in the form of an unsecured personal loan with interest rates at 5% annually.


    Participants will graduate from the program with an understanding of:

  • Hiring & retention strategies
  • Human resources policies
  • Management skills
  • Risk management strategies
  • Core values
  • Goal setting and KPIs
  • How to be customer centric Cash flow management

    Eligible Candidates

    Eligible Candidates:

  • Have monthly recurring revenue
  • Defined team/ownership model
  • Job growth capability
  • Year 1 - 3 startup phase
  • Transition your venture from the start-up phase to a fully-fledged, established business.

    Program Cost: $2,000

    If you have any questions about the Startup Management Accelerator please contact our Program Coordinator

    Graduates will leave this program with a full management plan and the confidence and skills to accelerate the growth of their business.

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