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Sales Accelerator Program.

A virtual acceleration program that helps entrepreneurs build their sales pipeline, develop skills to close deals fast, and drive revenue for scalable growth.

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How can the Sales Accelerator Program help your company?

Participants in the Sales Accelerator receive:

Graduates will leave the program with a fully developed sales plan and pipeline, qualified leads, necessary skills to negotiate & ‘close the deal’, and predictable recurring revenue to scale.


The program provides comprehensive training that addresses critical areas of sales development and helps companies build an end-to-end process for acquiring new opportunities, increasing the close-rate percentage faster. Program participants will:

Understand and develop a defined sales process;

Develop messaging that helps customers understand unique differentiators, value proposition and return-on-investment (ROI);

Integrate methodology and process for sales forecasting;

Find and acquire new opportunities;

Utilize negotiation and closing techniques;

Develop a plan for selling into new territories.

Access to interns

Access to human resources that will help with market research, lead generation & qualification, marketing, and more is critical as companies build out their sales process. Participants in the Sales Accelerator Program will be paired with a university student that will assist with these tasks and more as they join the company leader in receiving sales training & certification. Students will continue to work for the company throughout the summer as a paid intern, fully-funded through the Future Ready NB program.


As companies build out their sales processes, working capital to support market entry and business development activities such as marketing collateral, trade show participation, labour, and more is needed. Participants in the Sales Accelerator Program are eligible to access up to $25,000 in funding for such purposes. The funding is provided via the Impact Atlantic Fund in the form of a low-interest, personal loan which participants will be able to repay via sales revenue secured through the program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Next hire will be a dedicated sales position
  • Business plan in place
  • B2B Business Model
  • Defined team and ownership model
  • Potential and intention to export
  • Program Partners

    Atlantic Growth Solutions Impact
    University of New Brunswick St. Thomas University Future Ready NB

    Start driving revenue for scalable growth.

    Apply before December 15th, 2022.

    Program Cost: $2,000

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